Growth Consulting

A growth consultant is an agency focused on generating sustainable growth for clients. There are many areas of business where growth can be a focus, and there are growth-consulting firms for all of these areas.

At Outstream Laboratory® we focus on sales growth.  However, we can’t just focus on increasing sales revenue, we have to help increase a company’s capacity to sell more. We leverage our sales expertise to rev up the sales engine and help build the infrastructure to support long-term growth.

As a sales growth consultants, we are professional architects of growth initiatives for companies to achieve more and do better. In other words, we help companies reach their full growth potential.

Signs Your Company Need a Sales Growth Consultant

Every CEO starts out with a vision of growth and success. But, at some point in the life cycle, just about every company struggles with growth. We work with companies at all stages of growth, as each stage presents its own challenges.

Start-ups can have difficulty getting out of the gate, despite having a great product. Founders may underestimate how hard it is to make a sale and how long the sales process takes. It’s not uncommon to delay hiring a dedicated salesperson to keep costs down. Companies try to make a go of it without the benefit of a predictable, repeatable sales process. Eventually, when sales revenue doesn’t meet expectations, we’re asked to provide expertise to build a sales program from the ground up.

Mature companies often hit a plateau and get stuck in a cycle of sluggish sales performance and weakening customer retention.  A company with historical success often finds it hard to “re-invent” itself. The management may see the symptom of lagging sales revenue, but not the underlying causes. We help mature companies identify and remove obstacles to growth and accelerate sales to break the cycle of weak performance.

High-growth companies struggle to manage fast-paced change. Rapidly growing companies sometimes expand so fast their people struggle to keep up with demand. Fear, uncertainty, and mounting production pressures may cause employees to resent and resist change.  Leaders of high growth organisations often need outside expertise to help manage explosive growth. We support growing companies by using a disciplined process to manage fast-paced growth.  We build a foundation that strengthens both a Company’s people and its processes, so that the organisation can achieve sustainable growth.